Telecaster pickup selector


I finally found someone who’s selling Telecaster control plates drilled for Les Paul type toggles. Now, after the long search, I also happened to just figure out how to properly flick it so that I don’t need that type of selector. Apparently I just need to flick it from it’s tip and not the main part like I would on a Strat.

Now I’m trying to figure out if I want to mod my Tele or not. It’s one of those projects that I’ve wanted to do for so long that I almost feel obligated to but honestly there’s no need anymore. :neutral_face: Wwjd?


What would Jerry Donahue?

I don’t. If there’s nothing to be gained, why bother?


Because I can’t stop dicking with things. :smile:


Go ahead, then. You can always undo it when you sell the guitar :smiley:


Re-soldering the Fender S-1 pot is a nightmare! There were too many connections to do so. I took a hit when I sold this guitar, but the LP pickup selector really is more comfortable for me.
I have a new Tele now and I won’t switch the selector just because I don’t want to take a hit on re-sale again, but I do miss the LP style selector.
Man, is this topic that old?


Resoldering is always a nightmare :wink:

So you actually did the mods but then sold the guitar? We didn’t even get to see it :astonished:

Congrats on the new tele though we need pics :slight_smile:


Hahahaha, you know how fast I go through gear… But I do have pics of both. Let me see how to post pics



This is the mod done, and here’s the mess inside with the S1 switching.


So when I sold the guitar, I was kinda like, “f that!” Besides, the new toggle is way better.