The Beatles Tune Come Together cover by me


OK folks I threatened y’all with my attempt at recording Come Together the Beatles Tune. Well I did this version tongue in cheek. I thought up the idea of using other Beatles song lines between the verses instead of playing guitar figures there. I think Lennon who most likely did the lyrics on this tune would enjoy my sense of humor even if others might not. So I fired up my recording computer and did this yesterday and today. Everything is one take or 2 at most, and no editing, and no long mix down. It just all, seemed to fall together easily and I was satisfied (at least for this day) Musician buddies give this one a listen.


Great job DBM! I love the Beatles. It’s cool to hear a smoky blues medley on this tune. :thumbsup:


I liked it. I think the one thing I’d do differently, maybe, would be change the sound of the vocal for the quotes between verses. Just something to separate it from the main verse-a filter, a deeper 'verb, or an extreme EQ? A little flash so it stands out a bit more.

Excellent mix, too. :thumbsup:


The only thing I think needs a little tweaking is, the insertion of the other songs sounds slightly “shoehorned” into the empty spots. Either needs rephrasing or pick other quotes that fit neatly, maybe?


Thanks for taking the time to listen. I could change parts that don’t belong I have to think ones up that would fit better however.


Sounds good. Kept waiting for the solo to bust out. You ever tear it up on any of your songs?


I am as wankee as any wanker out there. :rofl: :thumbsup:

Yeah I always include solos in any of my tunes You can hear most of them in the link above.