Tommy Emmanuel Capo tips


Cool stuff!


Tommy is absolutely one of my favorite guitarists. I enjoy anything I ever saw him do.


I just recently got a capo. This is a great use of social media, getting tips straight from the pros. :slight_smile:

And I concur Tommy is a monster player.


He’s amazing! As a guitarist, entertainer, and a teacher.
Which capo did you get? The Shubb is my absolute favorite but I can’t do quick changes like He does. Not that I ever need to anyway…
I have a variety of capos and just love the way the Shubb feels and works.


Tommy is a beast, for sure. I usually put my palm on the strings as I’m putting the capo on, not after, and I’m perfectly in tune.


I never gave it any thought and just clamped. If it’s out of tune, I’d strum hard to get the tensions balanced. Effective? Not very. Glad I watched this.