Top 10 Desert Island guitar players


Haven’t done one in a while and I’m feeling sentimental tonight. Here’s mine with some pretty darn good video clips. I’ve learned so much from these cats recordings though the years, and they’re just so damn hip and relevant, even today. My utmost respect for these guys. :sunglasses:

Wes Montgomery

Freddie Green

Django Reinhardt

Charlie Christianson

Tal Farlow

Johnny Smith

Scotty Anderson

Chet Atkins

Hank Garland

Jimmy Bruno


Jeff Beck
Paul Gilbert
Joe Satriani
Steve Vai
Gary Moore
Pete Thorn
Billy Gibbons
Johnny Ramone
Steve Jones


Good idea. You could just lash all those big hollow bodies together and sail back to civilization :smile:


One of my co-workers brought his Baby Taylor acoustic and was playing a lot of jazz standards. I was really impressed with the playing to the point that I’d like to learn a bit more. He has a really good instructor though (I forget his name but he’s sat in with Les Paul and knows Jimmy Bruno). Although jazz isn’t what I’d listen to, it sure does look fun to play.




I like it :smile:

I was hoping you guys might put a favorite clip of your desert island guys. I just dig listening to guitarists.


Wow, I guess my mind doesn’t work like the rest of you. If I’m on a deserted island, my choices would all be female.

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