Two of the most overlooked pedals?


I was considering selling my Digitech Distortion Factory, mainly because I don’t really use it anymore. I started looking at what price people were selling them in various sites.

For the most part, people weren’t selling them. One thing I noticed was every site that I visited, gave the pedal a top rating. I realized that I had to give it another chance before selling it.

I looked at one sight, and it showed an eBay listing for the chorus Factory pedal, ending in a little over 10 minutes. I did some quick searches about the pedal, and just like the Distortion factory, it got top ratings. It also included my existing chorus pedal, so I jumped back to eBay and won the auction.

The pedal arrived today, and I spent some time playing around with the chorus factory and my other pedals. The chorus factory is an incredible pedal, just like the reviews stated.

After falling in love with with the CF, I was playing around with the Distortion Factory. It took some tweaking, but I found a sound that I really love.

I almost sold one of the greatest pedals out there. Thankfully I didn’t, and as a bonus, I got a great chorus pedal to boot.

When people ask about a great Distortion pedal, you never hear the DF-7. When they ask about a chorus pedal, you never hear the CF-7 brought up in the conversation. This makes me believe that these 2 extremely versatile pedals are the most overlooked pedals for guitarists.

Digitech Distortion Factory DF-7 Models:

Based on the Ibanez® TS-9
Based on the DOD® Overdrive/Preamp 250
Based on the Boss® DS-1 Distortion
Based on the Pro Co Rat™*
Based on the Boss® MT-2 Metal Zone
Based on the DigiTech® Metal Master
Based on the Electro-Harmonix® Big Muff π

Digitech Chorus Factory CF-7 Models:

DigiTech® Multi Chorus
Voodoo Lab Analog Chorus
TC Electronic® Stereo Chorus/Flanger
Fulltone® Choralflange
Boss® CH-1 Super Chorus
EH® Small Clone
Boss® CE-5 Chorus Ensemble


A friend let me borrow his Distortion Factory for a while a few years back. I recall liking the TS-9 model a lot.

Not really overlooked, but the Bad Monkey is also a great drive pedal. :thumbsup: