Unreal Engine 4 is now free



Free for everybody but you pay 5% royalty if you make revenue after $3K in a quarter.

This is great move for Epic as that will get college students indoctrinated, which will increase the pool of people with skills in Unreal Engine 4 so potentially they can increase market share.

You can also download all its source code from GitHub

Refreshing a 5 year old computer rig

What’s the learning curve on this like? Is it similar to Blender for example? I was gonna start messing around with Low Poly art for no real reason, but this might more fun to play around with. Especially if there are a lot of assets available already.


Yeah though I find it easier than Blender actually. It’s really geared into making really good looking games really. I’m not sure if it would be the right tool to create props though but I haven’t scratched the surface yet. I’m still get pretty lost in Blender but TBH I haven’t invested much time in it.

The most fantastic thing for me is how easy they make it to apply materials and have the lighting come out superb looking and run in real-time.

I’ve been going through the tutorials here:

I just finished the tutorial on level creation and I’m just amazed at the high quality result of the thing. I mean a really good looking level, with physics and being able to shoot out pellets and knock out chairs and tables with no programming at all.

With a bit more work and very little Blueprint programming (their Visual programming thingy) I put in breakable windows too.

They have some starter content which has enough materials and props to keep you busy for weeks. But there are also various learning projects and demos (with all materials, effects, props etc) that you can download for free like these (but there are few more)

Unreal Engine 4 | Realistic Rendering Room Tech-Demo
Unreal Engine 4 | Impressive Reflections Tech-Demo
Unreal Engine 4 Tech Demo Matinee 4K UHD


And here’s a showcase of the features in a 2 minute video:

Unreal Engine 4 - 2015 Features Trailer