Van Halen - Guitar to one side


Just fired up FAIR WARNING.

The technique on the old VH stuff. 1 guitar and panned pretty heavy to one side.

What do you think of it?

I like it. For this kind of stuff anyway. Really opens up room for the bass and drums.


Well, you just made me turn on some Van Halen Jer! :metal:

I love the hard panning and you just opened my mind to making a BT of Mean Street by taking the Right side of the recording, convert it to mono bring it to center! :sunglasses:


Yeah, I like they way they did that old stuff. The guitar is panned to one side like it would be live. You still hear the reverb of the guitar in the other channel, though, I think that may be what keeps it from sounding lopsided. I’m not sure how well that would go over these days, though, with people so used to hearing guitars doubled and panned hard L and R.


I think it works due to their musical style.

THe full, active bass. The vocal harmonies. And the way eddie phrases.

It never sounds lopsided.

I love stuff that sounds like it would live.