What are you listening to RIGHT NOW? (part 3)


This is an incredible album:



This is great!




Dude has some skill.






Haven’t heard from this guy in ages, but…wow!


Doesn’t really simulate a guitar all that well, but amusing nonetheless


That was pretty cool.


I have heard worse simulations and by far.


“Shred City”…holy shit


Awesome player.


Not only does she have technique, good phrasing, clean picking, crunchy tone and nice gear…she has a vagina


One-man Canadian blues-rock band, Steve Hill. Off set Teisco pickup on his Les Paul Jr, which splits the signal to an octaver and bass amp for the bass lines. Then there are the pedal-controlled drums, cymbals and the drum stick and maraca on the headstock…All of that while playing a bassline with thumbs, guitar with the other fingers, singing and sometimes playing harp too


Yeah, the ladies have definitely caught up with the guys in the shred world :+1:


Which really diminishes the whole concept of extreme technique…“If chicks, and 8 year olds can do it, how hard can it be?”


I had a guitar teacher once say that anybody can practice for 10 hours a day and sound like Yngwie, but you could practice that much and still never sound like Jeff Beck. That wasn’t meant as the cliche “feel vs. technique” thing, it was just that technique should serve your creativity not the other way around.


As I slow down with age, my music gets more lyrical. I sure can not play a million notes per measure any more, (Because hours of scale practice is nothing but boring slavery) Anyways my music becomes more lyrical, more human sounding. The machine like playing of Yngwie types is impressive but not very musical nor common citizen listener friendly. I did the 4 hours of scale practice every day thing back in the day . And I could play 32nd note riffs all day long, but no one in the general populace wanted to listen to that very much. Nowadays I get all kinds of compliments from those who do hear my music.