Who's keen


So, do have peeps keen to record an original? Bags not doing the drums!


Sorry, my google drunken-posting interpreter isn’t working this morning.



LOL…I studie Drunken 101. He’s asking if anyone here wants to participate in recording an original tune. His balls are sore form slapping them against the drums so he needs someone to do drums as well.


My guess wasn’t even close. :smile: I’m in as long as my boys don’t get smacked.


This is correct although gentle rubbing with lotion does help.

So who’s keen? To jam as well! :rofl:


I’ll need the exact bpm if you want a drum track. My recording setup has been decimated but I’d like to try something with my laptop.


I dont really know, just want to do a song from scratch… you got anything lying around you want savaged by silly guitars?


Let me try some tests to see if I can make a recording. :sunglasses:


Hey Rob, it may take a while as my schedule is getting pretty full.


All good man, you got my details for a good tim… I mean you know how to contact me lol


I’ll be in touch soon. Hopefully this week. :sunglasses: