Windows 7


Well I installed Windows 7 x64 today. Didnt spend alot of time with it yet. But I will say if you dont like the Vista interface you will despise the W7 interface as well.

The install took half an hour maybe 40 minutes. I can install xp on the same machine in about 15 minutes on a formatted drive. The install was easy and without much user input needed. Naturally after getting to the desktop there was already 15 updates that downloaded automatically. I know theres more as well that need to be downloaded manually. After installing the autoupdates the machine stopped at a black screenwith a working mouse cursor. A hard shutdown and reboot fixed it. The start menu uses the same silly system as vista. Some options that should be easy to find are not. They are still protecting people from themselves. Everything opens pretty snappy, but hey what fresh install doesnt. I tried to use remote assistance for kicks and it told me it was broken and asked if I would like it to try fixing it. Naturally I agreed. After a few minutes it reported that perhaps a firewall was blocking it and asked if I would like it to try fixing it…um ok You would think it wold be smart enough to open and close the firewall as needed. Anyhow it reported back that it had repaired the firewall and remote assistance should work. Well it didnt…Ill try again tomorrow


And what is Microsoft paying you for your services?


um a free os until summer and my day job is footing the labor. its a win win


Hey, OS’s are cheap. Free even. Even ones that work! :grin:

But if you can get paid to fuck around, right on!!!



I’ve run Windows 7 in a virtual machine, and felt like I was stumbling around the interface. It’s basically Vista, which I never installed, and I hate it. It seems cumbersome at best. But, if the current reviews are actual reviews and not M$ sponsored reviews, I might have to make the move (somewhere after SP1). Only time will tell. :neutral_face:


What is it that users are asking for that XP SP3 isnt delivering on?



Pain, anguish, frustration, confusion, angst, bewilderment, loss of innocence, loss of cash, depression, a crushing sense that Microsoft wants to eliminate mankind as a species through systematic suicide inducement…

XP lacks all of these things


Can’t 64bit win7 address more than 3gb memory? I don’t think xp can do that, or can it? :thinking:


I think 64bit XP can access more. Not sure though…


I’ve been happy with Win7.


Lets see. I installed on release date. Its been mostly shit for me. IE8 has been crashing since day 1 and now is hosed totally. Repair function doesnt fix shit. Outlook 2007 crashes continuously. My system despises installing or removing Adobe products. System restore wont restore successfully. 2010 and the search while better still sucks…

On the plus side Photoshop rocks in 64bit with this hardware. I can open 20 Nikon Raw files like nothing and have all kinds of editing going on with no lag

Im going to reinstall soon


I dont use IE.

Or Outlook (always has been a turd)

Or restore.

I have no idea what the repair function is. To me repair = format C.


Sounds like vista. I can’t uninstall any microsoft products without it hanging. Even a quick format failed to get rid of vista.


I ended up putting Vista back on the laptop as xp wasn’t all that much faster. Just gotta find a way to dumb down the security features.

I’m looking at 64 bit windows ultimate for a new computer. I’m not to sure how old programs work on 64 bit. Will I be able to run my old 32bit programs on 64bit in xp mode?


i had almost no issues with vista 64 as far as apps and hardware


Hey that’s perfect, thanks again.