Worlds Weirdest Guitars


From the new Premier Guitar issue: :thumbsup:

From our Rig Rundown with Anthrax’s Scott Ian, this custom McSwain zombie guitar was built with wood from a church at the cemetery “Night of the Living Dead” was shot at. To add to the creep factor, the wood was buried in the cemetery for a month, the ribcage is a prop from “The Walking Dead” television show, and the side dots on the fretboard are old coffin nails.


I wonder what the history of the wood is. If it was buried, how did they get it and such. Who doesn’t like zombies?


That’s cool :thumbsup:


…my wife


McSwain has some cool designs…never heard of them before seeing that Zombie Axe



They made a Ford version, but it kept breaking strings…


“Gelvin Guitars”




Not weird, but I really dig this one. Sort of a Buck Owens meets Wayne Kramer.




“Ugliest Guitar Contest”…yikes!


PRS Custom Great Horned Owl


Under the wierd but cool category, I always dug the Heritage American Eagle. No longer made, but a few still show up from time to time. Liberty Bell Tailpiece, Space Shuttle inlay in pick guard, American Flag inlay head piece, red, white, blue p/u. I’ve always dug it.






_ ,made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs._


The Plank…bet it has awesome tone




The John Fogherty Louisville Slugger

The IKEA Butcher Block Tele


I like that Tele. 24 frets, too :thumbsup: