Zoom. I Gotta Love 'Em


I blew up the Left output of my old stereo FX G2 pedal about a year ago. I had a power supply running on my desk while I was designing a pre amp and the tip of the Zoom pedal cord hit the B+ of the power supply. It was my bang around unit as the case had a couple of dings on it. The Zoom had been out of warranty for several years but I e-mailed Zoom to see if it were possible to get the output board so I could repair it. My only other option was to modify the output section which would have created several problems. These pedals run a set of headphones for 8 hours on 4 AA batteries and I wanted to use it for a clunker when I went to the park or fishing… It has a built in drum section so I can tune out the world and jam my brains out while I wait for the fish to bite. (They seldom do for me, other than the carp and other garbage fish.)

The Zoom service dept said they did not carry parts for the G2 as it was discontinued but they would send me a new G3 pedal for $80.00 even though I blew up the G2 through my own carelessness. Naturally it will cost around $5 to send it back but I will be getting the new pedal for about 1/2 price. I already have a G3 and really like it.

I think that is a pretty fair deal. What can I say? I love all the sounds I get from those pedals and I have been using them for recording ever since I bought my first one. They are silent and versatile. I don’t know if other companies have customer support like these guys, and I am glad that they are bailing me out. They aren’t losing any money on the deal and I will have a 3 X newer model… Nope, not a commercial, I’m just glad to see a company that tries to make it’s customers happy. Believe me, I have dealt with a good many that don’t. I could post all day on the ones that take you to the cleaners every chance they get. This is a new experience for me. To make a short story long, I’m a happy camper. :slight_smile:


Cool :thumbsup:


Well that’s was nice.



Nice to see a company that actually cares about its customers :thumbsup: